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We Irish enjoy potatoes all year round. From eating chips on the sea front in summer to having mash on your Sunday dinner, potatoes provide the ultimate comfort food.

We understand the importance of delivering on time, whatever the weather. That’s why we supply Peeled Potatoes & Fresh Cut Chips 365 days a year, all over the Ireland. So whatever the occasion, Batestown Farm Produce delivers.




Over 50 years experience in the Potato and Fresh Cut Chips Industry.


Potato Planting  

Our Potato fields are carefully selected to ensure that they are suitable for our high standards. Soil structure is examined in order to determine the right variety to be planted. 

We also look at the shape and contours in potential fields which have an effect on their production efficiency and environmental impact.


Our Peeled Potato’s  

Our Potatoes go through a serious of tests before they can be processed. Potatoes that pass all the relevant tests are then moved on the our washing & grading process. From there they move into our high care Peeling area. They are then Peeled & Inspected before they can be Vacuum Packed and delivered to our wide range of customers nationwide. 


Our Fresh Cut Chips   

At Batestown Farm Produce we believe there just isn’t a better, pre-prepared chip on the market. If you already use pre-prepared chips why not try Our Chips today. Every fresh batch of chips at Batestown Farm Produce is fry-tested and quality-assessed before being distributed. You can always guarantee reliability and quality with our freshly cut Chips thanks to our high levels of compliance. 

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    Our Products

    Our Products:

    • Peeled Potatoes
    • Fresh Cut Chips
    • Prepared Vegetables
    • Chipping Potatoes
    • Diced Potatoes
    • Sliced Potatoes


    Covid 19

    First and foremost, our focus is on keeping everyone safe and we have taken prompt action all over our Farm and Business to get the needed health and safety precautions in place.

    This is key to ensure we continue to operate and serve our customers.