Our Peeled Potatoes

Peeled potatoes are a great product for fast paced kitchens. Our Potatoes are harvested on our farm and peeled in our dedicated Processing factory. As well as growing chipping varieties, we at Batestown Farm also plant and nurture potatoes which are great for mashing and slicing. These varieties include Roosters, Maris Pipers, Markies, Agria and Kerrs Pinks.

Our bag range

We do a wide range of peeled Potatoes For both the Catering Industry and for Retail. 
Our bag sizes are mainly 10kg, 9kg, 5kg & 2kg for Catering & 3kg, 2kg,1kg and 500g Packets for the Retail Market. 

Fresh Cut Chips


At Batestown Farm Produce we believe there just isn’t a better, pre-prepared chip on the market. We only grow the Very Best of Potatoes for our Fresh Cut Chips.
Every fresh batch of Batestown chips is fry-tested and quality-assessed before being distributed. You can always guarantee reliability and quality with our freshly cut Chips thanks to our high levels of compliance. 

Who uses our fresh cut chips 

Our Fresh Cut Chips are mainly used in Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Chip Shops and Also can be found in Leading Retail Stores.
We have a wide range of sizes of fresh cut chips. Some of these include: Skinny Skin On / Off, Standard Skin On / Off, Chunky Skin On / Off, Prem Noff & Potato Wedges


Halved Small Potatoes

Halved Peeled Potatoes

Why not try something a little different. With our Halved peeled mini potatoes can look well no matter what the dish.
These can be especially graded to size to give each halved potato to be of equal weight and size.
We can halve any different variety of potato of choose. 

Par Peeled Chipping Potatoes

Par Peeled Chipping Potatoes

Want to chip your own potatoes?? Why not start with our par peeled potatoes ready to be chipped fresh by you.
With only the very best of potatoes selected for our chipping potatoes you can be guaranteed to have the highest of quality chip to serve out.. 

Diced Potatoes

Diced Potatoes

Our diced potatoes can be the perfect addition to any salad. With differents sizes from 10 x 10, – 15 x 15, – 20 x 20 & 30 x 30 sizes 
We also produce a diced potato with the skin still on it. These can be ideal for Roasting.

Fondant Potatoes

Hand Cut Bespoke Potato Fondants

Our wide range of potato fondants for every occasion.
All our Fondants are grown and processed by ourselves using only the very best of Rooster potatoes. 
So if its for a very special wedding, Christmas party or any occasion,
We have it covered Most common Shapes are: Oval, Cylinder, Hearth and Christmas Tree. 
Looking for a certain variety of potato? Or need an all-round supplier? Make Batestown Farm Produce your first call. We work with large and small businesses all around Ireland.
Whether you know exactly what variety you want or need some advice, our friendly team will be happy to help.
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